Inside the 'Born Winner' collection

As a follow on from the first graphic capsule "Burn City Born", "Born Winner" pays homage to the level of creativity and success thriving out of my city, Melbourne, Australia. Often seen as second best to Sydney from the outside, Melbourne's creative and arts scene is underrated and second to none in Australia. 

The design takes reference from Melbourne Storm, Melbourne's NRL (National Rugby League) team, reflecting their main colour purple and the obvious thunder graphic. 

The style however, is influenced by similar styles I've identified in the streetwear scene in London on my travels. This crossover of styles is something I hope to continue to execute on in future designs, reflecting both my home city & current city (East London). 

This design might pop up on other pieces in the future, but for now it's solely digitally printed on our signature fit, black boxed crewneck.