Where's the inspiration come from?

This is probably the hardest part of maintaining a brand. Finding your 'why' and then bringing to life designs and garments that reflect that.

Initially, everything was meant to be basic so the inspiration came naturally from fit, comfortability and quality. Following brands that had a strong ethos and drive towards these attributes is where I gained a majority of my initial inspiration. 

Once I became more familiar with measurements, what fits good, what's trending and how to execute the minor details, I started thinking about what sort of graphics I'd love to put on my garments. 

I've always loved the concept of elements on clothing. Seeing roses for example on JVP's t-shirts all those years ago and how they spread everywhere was big for me as a teen. I try to draw attention to Melbourne where I can and push a message through the design, I think it's important that every part of the design is there for a reason. 

It's a huge work in progress trying to get the brand 'vibe' solidified but for Three Thousand, it's definitely heading down the right path. I'd love to get the fit and aesthetic to a point where you just know it's going to look good with every other Three Thousand piece. 

Music is also another big one for inspiration. Check out this playlist which is basically the Three Thousand mix for 2021.