About Us

Three Thousand was built in 2019 to bring a new aesthetic of comfort and contemporary streetwear to Australia. In 2020, right before the pandemic, we went on a mission and packed up and moved to London. This was a learning opportunity for both personal and business growth, but turned into much more than that.

Although faced with some pretty heavy set backs and adversities while trying to settle in the midst of a pandemic, what we discovered were some incredibly inspiring brands, people and aesthetics, as well as an unseen attitude to bring the best possible product to market and make it a success. The current aesthetic, look and feel of Three Thousand now embodies these learnings. A relentless desire to chase dreams.

We were born in Melbourne, Australia (3000) but reside in East London, constantly growing, learning and adapting.

Follow our journey as we continue to develop Three Thousand into something that makes you want to chase your dreams as well.

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